Summer Activities to Keep the Kids Entertained

Summer is one of the best times for children. Here are a few ideas to keep the kids entertained over the summer.

Summer is one of the best times for children.  It’s the perfect time for them to do anything they want: read a good book, play games, or go swimming with their friends.  The possibilities seem endless, but make no mistake, at some point the kids will say “I’m bored!” Here are a few ideas to keep the kids entertained over the summer.

Good Old Fashioned Water Balloon Fight

Everyone loves to break up a summer day with a water balloon fight.  If you are bored at throwing balloons at your friend, try some of these ideas:

Have an egg toss but with water balloons. How many times can you throw it back and forth until it breaks.

Hold the balloon under your chin and pass it (only using your chin) to a friend. How many friends can you pass it too?

Wait for dad to get home.  Hide and wait until someone comes home and have a surprise water balloon fight.

use your imagination. Come up with a great game yourself.

Treasure Hunt

Create a list of clues that will lead them to various locations around the house or yard.  Create as many as you like, the longer the list of clues the longer the kids are entertained.  Have them complete obstacles between clues.  Think Amazing Race.  Lead them to a treasure chest filled with small treats.  

Pool Noodles

I know it sounds crazy but some kids get bored with swimming in pools all summer.  Take those pool noodles and repurpose them!  Use them as bats to hit a beach ball back and forth, or turn them into light sabers and battle your friends.  Grab a bunch of them and create an obstacle course in the yard.  

Have A Colour War

Get the kids off their devices and outside for some fun.  Grab some chalk bombs and have a water gun fight but with colour. If you want to get crazy just add some non-toxic paint to water and use some cheaper water guns to have a battle royale.  

Bubbles, Bubbles Everywhere

Who doesn’t love bubbles?  This summer get creative with them.  Grab a hula-hoop and a kiddie pool filled with water and soap and create giant bubbles!  Buy some pipe cleaners and make your own bubble makers.

Finding activities to keep kids busy can be tough, but hopefully this can get you started.