Top Benefits of Flexible Seating

Flexible classroom seating actually enhances learning across all levels.

Flexible seating is not some passing fad, but it actually enhances learning across all levels.  Teachers have reported that flexible seating has made their careers more enjoyable as students seem to be more engaged in their lessons.  What makes it so great?

  1. It gives students choice.  Students feel empowered when they have some control over their environment.  This type of seating allows them to work wherever in the classroom and also gives them the choice of who they want to work with.  It allows them to change their location as well if they feel that they are getting distracted.
  2. No one likes to sit still for hours.  Kids are not different.  Flexible seating allows them to move around which increases oxygen to the brain. In turn, this keeps their mind more alert and focused.
  3. Being comfortable is key when learning.  If you are not comfortable you are thinking about how uncomfortable you are and you’re not paying attention to the lesson.  Flexible seating gives students the option of finding their best spot in the classroom to stay calm, focused and productive.
  4. Traditional classroom seating can have its drawbacks.  Some students can become territorial or possessive over their space and supplies.  Flexible seating encourages everyone to share.  It also makes the students take turns with all the seating options.
  5. Last but not least is fun.  Flexible seating helps make learning fun, and students seem to enjoy coming to school more.

At the end of the day educators want more engaged, enthusiastic and relaxed students.  Flexible seating is a great way to get you closer to your goal.