Rachel Huitsing

Music Director / French Teacher

Mrs. Huitsing is the Music Director for Stratford Middle Years. She leads the Senior Student Choir, organizes weekly Sing-Alongs for the whole school, and directs the music for the school performances twice a year.  Mrs. Huitsing teaches recorder to the 4-6 class and ukulele to the 7-8 class. She holds a B.A. in Vocal Music Performance and Pedagogy from Dordt University in Iowa, and has been a passionate music teacher to groups and individuals since 2005.

Mrs. Huitsing has performed music in a variety of settings including Musical Theatre, Recitals, and recently as the Soprano soloist with the Stratford Concert Choir for Handel’s Messiah. She enjoys creating music in non-performance settings as well, and regularly participates in the Southwestern Ontario Folk Circles.

Mrs. Huitsing loves her dogs, and lives on a farm property outside of Gadshill with Mr. Huitsing, two rescue dogs and one rescue cat. She loves cooking, reading, knitting and crocheting, writing music, poetry, and journaling.

Teaching at Stratford Middle Years gives Mrs. Huitsing the wonderful opportunity to introduce students to as many genres of musical story-telling as she can cram into a class. The pride students experience after mastering a musical skill they thought beyond them is a great source of joy to her. She looks forward to helping many more students, “find their groove.”