Trixie Mohr

Head of French Program

Madame Mohr teaches French to all SMYS students from Grades 1-8. She enjoys witnessing the children getting absorbed in acting out skits, trying to interact in French and applying their new knowledge! Mme Mohr also enjoys being able to share her dogs with the children at school.

10 years ago Mme Mohr was lucky to be in a position to realize her dream of running a small school together with Mrs. Weir. Mme Mohr put together the Social Studies, Art and Science curricula, that have the Ontario curriculum as their base.

Mme Mohr who was born and raised in Nigeria, has also worked in France and Switzerland and is now a proud Canadian living in St.Marys. She is married to Andrew Middleton, a college professor, with whom Mme Mohr, enjoyed setting up the admin of the school.

They have two sons and a daughter, as well as children-in-law and a darling granddaughter. They enjoy following their children’s careers that open new horizons for them, such as in the film and sound engineering industry, in sport psychology and in river geomorphology!

Swiss Mountain dogs play an important part in Mme Mohr’s life. She cherishes being able to share her four lovable, loyal and friendly dogs with the children and staff at school. The boss of the fur family however, is a rescue cat! Training, breeding, walking and sharing her dogs with Seniors, are Mme Mohr’s favourite hobby.

She also loves reading, sewing, traveling and interacting in different languages. Mme Mohr completed her primary and secondary school years in private schools in Nigeria, has a Swiss Baccalaureat diploma, a degree in modern languages and the Teacher’s Diploma from the University of Zurich. She is also trained and experienced in teaching the Primary and the Middle Years of the International Baccalaureat. She has taught in Switzerland and in Nigeria, where she was the Vice Principal, the PYP co-ordinator and Head of the Science, French and Art curriculum of the IITA International School. In Canada she has taught at two different private schools in London and in Stratford, Ontario, as well as supply teaching for the separate school board.