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Frequently Asked Questions

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What are the school hours and daily schedule?

SMYS school day runs from 8:30am - 3:30pm. Our daily schedule consists of five learning blocks.

Between each learning block we have a snack / movement break, with the first of those breaks being 40 minutes, and our first outdoor recess. The remaining breaks are each 15 minutes long. We have our lunch hour beginning at noon with our second 40 minute outdoor recess following. 

Can I schedule a school visit?

We welcome visitors to our school. Please contact us to set up a visit or sign up to attend our next open house. Children are always welcome to attend the tour!

Is there a school dress code?

Our dress code policy is intended to create a safe and respectful learning environment for all students, and to minimize distractions that may interfere with academic progress.

Grades 1-8 wear a comfortable and practical school uniform. If you have questions about the specific dress code policy please contact the school administration.

How does a new student meet our admissions requirements?

Families tour our school and meet with our admissions team to discuss family, student, and school expectations, as well as previous school experiences. Upon review of past reports, students may also be required to take an entrance learning assessment to gauge their skills. 

Will there be mixed-grade classrooms?

Our mixed grade learning environment gives older students the chance to support younger ones, which builds their confidence and leadership skills. The younger learners also benefit as they see their older peers modelling positive behaviour.

Mixed-age classes offer a real world experience while encouraging a spirit of cooperation where students are more likely to support each other. This type of learning environment provides more stability, as the children form solid relationships and a sense of community with both their peers and their teachers. 

How can I  get involved or volunteer?

SMYS offers opportunities for parents to assist with school events and activities, and this is a great way to support the school and get involved in your child's education. We also have our parent advisory board which meets to discuss ongoing initiatives.

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