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Tuition and Fees

Full tuition is $15,000 for one child per school year. Additional children from the same family are offered tuition at a discounted rate.  Please contact our admissions office for more information.


Flexible Payment Plans Available!

Payment Plans

Based on full tuition for one child

Our payment plans can be changed to suit the needs of your family. Below are some of the options we provide. 

A 15% Enrollment Down Payment is Required 


12 Month Plan 

Full year tuition minus the enrollment down payment, paid in 12 equal installments 

10 Month Plan

Full year tuition minus the enrollment down payment, paid in 10 equal installments 

3 Months Equal Instalment Plan 

Full year tuition minus the enrollment down payment, paid in 3 equal installments 

Up Front Full Payment Plan

Full year tuition minus the enrollment downpayment 


**In the case of Mid-Year enrolment, the downpayment fee is waved and payments are calculated on a monthly basis**

Indexed Tuition

** Please submit your SMYS application before applying for the Indexed Tuition.**

SMYS uses an Indexed Tuition model to support increased accessibility for a limited number of students and families. We recognize that careers are significant in many ways beyond what the financial reward may be.


To encourage those who have chosen careers whose primary reward may not be financial, we have introduced the SMYS Indexed Tuition model.


We recognize that investing in your child's education is one of the most important decisions you will make, and we are proud to provide grants and scholarships for families who want their children to attend SMYS. Contact us today and discover why SMYS is the right choice for your child!

Supplementary Fees 

Tuition fees are intended to cover instruction and the student's participation in the core school program. Additional charges are required from time to time, where purchases are made or services are rendered specifically to an individual student. These may include textbooks, field trips, extracurricular activities, and other special events. We strive to keep these costs reasonable and transparent, while ensuring that every student has access to the resources and opportunities they need to succeed.

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