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SMYS has always prided itself on offering a curriculum that is both challenging and enjoyable. We encourage all our students to become active participants in their own learning, as we believe that this is the best way to prepare them for the future. Our students benefit from the kind of engaged, hands-on instruction that can only be provided by our experienced educators. At SMYS, your child will be given the tools they need to succeed both now and in the future.



At Stratford Middle Years School, we are dedicated to providing a stimulating learning environment where academic excellence meets personal discovery. We follow a dynamic, hands-on approach to education that engages students' minds, emotions, and passions. Our students are challenged to be their best selves, to take risks, and to learn from their mistakes. With our supportive community of faculty, staff, and families, we strive to create a culture of respect, inclusivity, and empathy.

Accelerated Learning

Our approach to education is based on the understanding that the brain creates stronger neural connections when a skill is practiced. Using hands-on activities, problem-solving and decision-making, we create an engaging and fun learning environment that accelerates learning and improves retention. 


Building Resilience 

We thrive on the philosophy that productive failure is a valuable learning experience. Our graduates come from a community of learners who aren't afraid of making mistakes because they understand that they lead to better outcomes. We believe that critical thinking and problem solving are the foundation of success. Are you ready to become a part of our community?

Our Programs



Our teaching approach in the kindergarten program encompasses growth and development.  We aim for opportunities of building confidence and leadership within the classroom while meeting age  appropriate physical and developmental needs. It provides a secure, respectful and nurturing environment. Within our classroom we have appropriate levels of structure balanced with exploration, play and inquiry. Our staff strives to help each child reach their own individual potential. Like our school community, our classroom culture is one where students and teachers treat one another with mutual respect and kindness. 


Lower Elementary

Our Lower Elementary covers grades 1-4, and is focused on providing students with a strong, comprehensive foundation for their future educational journey. We have found the perfect balance of advanced academics with an approach to learning that encourages responsibility, independence, self-confidence, self-discipline, and a strong sense of community amongst our students. Our program focuses on strengthening our students’ skills in all academic areas. We support the refinement of our students’ critical thinking skills through gently challenging work activities. Students use daily and weekly planners to help cultivate independence and time-management skills. 


Upper Elementary

Our Upper Elementary covers Grades 5-8. We are dedicated to providing an education that sets students up for success in all aspects of their lives. We foster creativity, collaboration and problem solving skills amongst our students and offer an innovative approach to learning. Our curriculum is designed to not only teach academic skills, but also develop social skills that are equally as important in becoming a well-rounded individual.  Initiative and creativity is nurtured in each student as they engage in project based learning.   An emphasis will be placed on STEM initiatives while the students experience the benefits of developing essential character traits of accountability, and independence while preparing for high school study. Our program allows grade 8 students to enroll in secondary schools with confidence and the skills necessary to excel. Students are encouraged to embrace and understand the values of respect for all communities and responsibility for their own learning.  


Benefits of Multi-Age Classrooms

Stronger Connections 

Having a consistent teacher can greatly benefit a child's education. Spending longer periods of time with one teacher allows for a deeper understanding of the child's strengths and needs, which in turn allows the teacher to better support the child's learning. This can lead to improved academic performance and a more positive learning experience overall.

Children learn at their own pace 

Personalized education is crucial for ensuring that students reach their full potential. By focusing on what they know and what are ready to learn next, we can help every child move forward and achieve their milestones. With this approach, students are not limited by grade-level curriculum and can thrive at their own pace.

Co-operative learning 

In this approach, children are able to work at their own pace and receive personalized attention from their teachers. It also allows for more collaboration and peer learning within the groups. By focusing on academic levels and personal interests, children are more engaged and motivated in their learning.

Social and Emotional Learning 

Research has shown that multi-age classrooms offer significant advantages for social learning. Children can learn how to work and play with peers of varying ages, which helps them develop crucial skills such as negotiation, compromise, and building diverse friendships. Older students often take on leadership roles and assist their classmates, fostering a supportive and collaborative learning atmosphere.

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